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Usage and attitude current status – understanding the user experience

Every investment in IT whether this is a technology device, software product or third-party service should be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it is fit for purpose and how to optimise the efficiency and productivity benefits. By following a structured assessment process organisations’ will understand the current overall user perception of the IT infrastructure, how key systems perform each day and ultimately how to gain the best return from your technology investments.

In our experience the outcome of a Usage and Attitude Survey often confirms that the technology platform is good but the usage is poor or inconsistent which clearly highlights the need for user adoption training. The creation and completion of an appropriate user adoption process builds a more positive perception of IT, improves morale and increases skill level of individuals and teams. A good example of this is Microsoft Office 365 a powerful, cloud-based resource that continues to evolve and deliver better ways to work collaboratively with extended teams. If, however your staff are not proficient or confident with Office 365 there will be a limited benefit from the ongoing license subscription. Also, security breaches, the cause of which can be traced back to users acting in error by clicking on links embedded in malicious fake emails or illegitimate web sites are another example where investing in understanding and improving user behaviour delivers the desired results.

  • What are the areas and purposes a product or a service is used for?
  • Do users interact with a product or service in different ways?
  • Do teams or departments work with a product or service more or less often? Are there different patterns of typical usage?
  • Optimisation requests or trends from the user perspective
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