Use Case and Business Case

Identification and development

AzteQ pre-sales specialists support each aspect of the digital transformation journey, we augment existing expertise and contribute to the achievement of our customers’ objectives.

The use case is identified by understanding the way your users work with technology to perform their day to day roles and responsibilities then classifies the needs of each user type into distinct groups. With the use cases for each department and role defined the process of selecting the correct underlying platform, optimal device type, access method, security policy and application set is straightforward. We also recommend extracting key information from the technology Usage and Attitude survey which provides a broad idea of how existing systems are perceived, highlights trends and directs where resources should be focused as a matter of priority.

This outcome of aligning the most appropriate technology and systems for each user type has a very positive impact on the customer experience.

Building a considered business case that follows this structured approach, including the usage and attitude data and use case recommendations is, in our experience, far more likely to gain support, secure the required investment budget and approval to implement the people, process and technology changes.

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