Our objective is to enable our academic customers with the right people, process and technology to succeed in the digital world. AzteQ has over 18 years of experience in the education sector.

* We are committed to helping schools overcome challenges and unlock opportunities using technology.
* We are an organisation that can operate at scale whilst retaining close relationships with our customers.
* We underpin the work we do with our ethos of being dedicated to service and customer experience – meaning that we will always ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Customer Success Manager

A technically aware and education focused manager. Your dedicated contact and escalation point. Key to ensuring you achieve the most from our services.

Customer Success Managers are there to ensure service expectations are met and continual improvement is achieved.

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Service Desk & Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Our Service Desk and NOC works to industry standards; ITIL. We invest in our engineers ensuring they are suitably trained to maintain our service standards. We constantly monitor and report our KPIs.

Our team consist of specialists focusing on specific areas of technology. Our NOC is a world-class technical resource designed to keep your key IT systems available, secure and maintaining optimal performance.

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ICT Roadmap and Discovery

Giving you access to senior IT professionals with education experience that will help you achieve the best out of your technology.

Working with you to develop and implement a comprehensive IT roadmap; discover where training gaps exist to maximise IT adoption and use. Strategy planning to define budgets. Constantly measure performance against goals.

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