MATs (Multi Academy Trusts)

With 18 years of working in the education sector, we understand that developing an ICT solution that is fit for purpose can be challenging due to limited resources and budget limitations.  This is why our ‘people first, technology second’ attitude is important as it ensures that the specific needs of the school, its staff and students are considered before creating an implementation roadmap.

This isn’t about technology for technology sake – no technology will ever be installed that is too expensive, too complicated, or will degrade over time. It must perfectly fit with the needs of the students and teaching staff

AzteQ Internal Audit Services

We can help you through your internal scrutiny process and have skilled auditors who are able to review and provide advice on the operation of your Trust.

Working with you to evaluate levels of compliance, efficiency and effectiveness, we’ll provide recommendations on how to address any weaknesses found throughout the audit.

Leveraging our knowledge gained from working with you, AzteQ will be able to provide more
effective recommendations and improvements to operations and controls, as well as reinforce suitable checks for all categories of risk.

  • Risk identification, reporting & management
  • Insights & advice on weaknesses in financial & non-financial controls.
  • Identify areas needing additional/new checks, as well as modifications to existing checks based on procedure or system changes
  • Review control efficiency, effectiveness & compliance with AFH
  • Ensure all data is being handled according to GDPR specifications
  • Reassure the board your trust is being run the right way
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