Primary Schools

Primary Schools

With 18 years of working in the education sector, we understand that developing an ICT solution that is fit for purpose can be challenging due to limited resources and budget limitations.  This is why our ‘people first, technology second’ attitude is important as it ensures that the specific needs of the school, its staff and students are considered before creating an implementation roadmap.

This isn’t about technology for technology sake – no technology will ever be installed that is too expensive, too complicated, or will degrade over time. It must perfectly fit with the needs of the students and teaching staff

We want to make it easier for your teachers, school staff and students to teach, work and learn no matter where they are. AzteQ will provide you with the appropriate technology and services to achieve this, including:

  • Cloud-based working solutions
  • Safe & secure teacher-student contact methods
  • One username and password to remember
  • Industry leading user adoption services – helping you be confident with your new technology
  • Simplified access to systems and data for all staff, even when working out of the school building
  • Automatic backups
  • Print services
  • 24/7 IT server support & updates
  • Modern, Scalable & robust IT systems

Microsoft Teams Lite

Teams Lite is AzteQ’s solution for education organisations that want an easy to use, already set up calling & screen sharing solution using Microsoft Teams.


  • Online audio & Video calls (Staff to Staff & Staff to
  • Screen Sharing
  • Optional text chat
  • Initial discovery session to work with you on the correct
    setup for you
  • We’ll set up your Teams environment for you, including classes, staff and other teams.
  • Teams Lite training & user adoption sessions help staff build confidence and familiarity
  • Stable & secure platform to engage students & staff

Microsoft 365 for education

The full suite for educators looking to have online managed classrooms, document editing, online file storage & coursework management


  • Full Office 365, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Full Microsoft Teams, with online audio & video calls, Screen Sharing and Classroom, staff environments set up.
  • Initial discovery session to find the ideal setup for you
  • Teams training & user adoption sessions to help staff build confidence and familiarity.
  • Microsoft Forms for assigning online coursework, quizzes and more.
  • Compatibility with other apps.
  • Classroom engagement tools such as
    whiteboard and Insights
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