SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability)

With 18 years of working in the education sector, we understand that developing an ICT solution that is fit for purpose can be challenging due to limited resources and budget limitations.  This is why we have our ‘people first, technology second’ attitude, as we ensure that the specific needs of the school, its staff and students are considered before creating an implementation roadmap.

This isn’t about technology for technology sake – no technology will ever be installed that is too expensive, too complicated, or will degrade over time. It must perfectly fit with the needs of the students and teaching staff

We are committed to helping schools and students overcome challenges and unlock opportunities using technology, and want to provide the right people, process and technology for everyone to succeed in the digital & education world.

  • We supply special needs and ergonomic computer equipment and software, including communications devices, visual enhancement devices, mobility aids and Input devices such as switches and accessible mice & keyboards.
  • AzteQ can recommend, supply and install AV and interactive panels that offer access to both mobile and visually impaired students
  • We can recommend, supply and install specialist software for speech and language needs
  • We work with our schools to develop and install sensory room projection and adaptive technologies to enhance student development and learning.
  • All hardware and software products supplied have the option of training from our team.

Our Experience with SEND Schools

  • 5 years partnership with a special needs secondary school
  • Current involvement with a new high school build for SEN
  • Experienced engineers with regards to working in an SEN environment & with SEN students.

About Our Engineers & SEND schools.
Experienced with a variety of special needs focused IT equipment, our engineers are embodying our “people first, technology second” attitude in everything they do, understanding the needs of your pupils and staff and
adapting your new tech to fit them best.

  • Well versed working in SEN environments and with SEN pupils.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to build good relationships with students based on trust.
  • Observant and responsive approach for special needs environments
  • Can respond to the needs of your students & adapt IT installations or fixes accordingly where necessary within the school day
  • Patient, understanding and empathetic with pupils.

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