24/7 Global Service Desk

Liberate key people from the distraction of technology support and allow them to focus on what is most important to your organisation. 

Effective and efficient IT services are critical for forward looking enterprises. AzteQ’s global service desk provides round the clock support for your staff at the moment they need it, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Benefit from flexible access to a wealth of technical expertise via simple processes and procedures, resolving incidents quickly and directly increasing productivity. 

By working with AzteQ your executive and management teams can be confident that their users are in good hands, we take care of the day to day IT support needs whilst you focus on your responsibilities. We move the conversation from issues to optmisation and map out the best long-term strategy, helping you take advantage of technology advances. 

Comprehensive, enterprise class service desk round the clock access to technical excellence  

Azteq deliver an unparalleled user experience, our technicians care and attention to detail builds trust and confidence which positively improves staff morale. We provide direct access to an extensive team of ict support engineers who are trained and qualified across a diverse range of technology. Key vendors include Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, HP and Dell. 

Designed for easy access, the AzteQ service desk is available through chat, email and phone, enabling your staff to select the support they need in the way that works best for them. Available 24/7, the AzteQ service desk ensures you have technical expertise at hand no matter where or when. Our unique performance managed service levels ensure you have full visibility and control of everything we deliver. Speak to us today about your needs, the service options and how we work with organisations like yours to become even better! 

Flexible contracts, pay as you grow 

Available on per user or device per monthly contracts, AzteQ services allow you to scale your IT support operation without having to worry about staff recruitment, retention or training. We take responsibility for ensuring the high quality and consistency of IT support services as your business needs evolve. 

By outsourcing your service desk, you move to a predictable monthly fee that is often a fraction of the cost of managing your it internally. You pay less for more service desk certifications, experience, training and quality control. 

Dedicated technical contact 

AzteQ’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are trained to understand and resolve end user issues and engage proactively with your staff to identify the most effective ways to use IT in each role. Our CSMs constantly manage your service delivery to make sure it meets the highest of standards. 

Service and business reviews 

Your dedicated technical account manager and your account manager will conduct regular service reviews to ensure your it setup is operationally efficient and plan for future steps. 

Staff communicator 

Many staff put up with technical issues rather than having to go through the process of dealing with calling technical support. With our staff communicator service, users can get support on an issue, and continue on with their day with a minimum of disruption. 

Service level objectives 

Measurable, consistent, guaranteed response times for all of your technical issues. 

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